Friday, 3 June 2016

Indian Wedding Cake

indian wedding cake, wedding cake, wedding adviceIndian wedding cake designs are quite similar to western cake designs, but some traditional elements are often included.

One important consideration when making an Indian wedding cake, however, is that many Indian people are vegetarians. Some will eat animal products, such as eggs and milk. They would be considered lacto-ovo vegetarians.

A cake for this type of diet would be easy to create as eggs could still be used in recipe. However, some prefer a vegan diet. This means that no animal products could be used in the making of the cake. When choosing a baker to create an Indian wedding cake, be sure to discuss with him how he plans to handle the special dietary requirements of the bride and groom. This is especially important when ordering a vegan cake.

Happily, as more and more people are embracing a vegan diet, there are plenty of bakers who specialize in making such cakes, so it should be much easier to find an appropriate baker than it would have been several years ago. Red and gold are prominent colors in Indian weddings and many couples will want to include these colors on an Indian wedding cake. The designs are bold and beautiful. Typically, and Indian wedding cake will feature a pyramid like shape, but not all couples go for this traditional looking Indian wedding cake.

Some couples want to blend tradition with a more modern wedding cake. Those couple can consider a henna cake. A henna cake is an Indian wedding cake that allows the couple to choose virtually any basic cake design and colors that they like. Then traditional henna drawing is added to the cake after it has been covered in fondant to provide a smooth surface.

Because of the intricacy involved in henna drawings, it is important to find a baker who has experience in this area. If you cannot find one with experience, provide the baker with some samples and ask him to copy a small portion of the design. This will ensure that the baker has the necessary artistic skill to be able to complete this type of Indian wedding cake with integrity and beauty.

Other couples choose a wedding cake that may not be Indian in design and then use an Indian cake topper to be sure that their culture is represented. This is a good compromise when only one of people getting married is Indian. Indian wedding cake toppers range from whimsical and fun to elegant and beautiful. To find the best selection of these cake toppers, it is probably best to shop online. While some retailers may carry a small selection of Indian wedding cake toppers, if you shop online, you will have a much larger selection from which to choose. Choosing the right Indian wedding cake can add to the overall ambience of the reception.

Whether a traditional Indian design, a more modern henna cake or even a western design with an Indian cake topper, the cake is just one more way to pay homage to the Indian culture at your wedding.

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