Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Weddings

Choosing bridesmaid hairstyles for weddings can be a bit of a challenge.

One reason for this is that not all bridesmaids are likely to have the same length or type of hair. Another reason is that most women are pretty picky about how they like to wear their hair, and getting them to step outside of their comfort zone in this area can prove to be difficult. The hairstyle that will work best for your wedding depends on many factors such as formality of the wedding, style of the dresses and time of year. Unless all of your bridesmaids happen to have similar length hair, you are probably not going to be able to have the exact same style on all of them.

Keep in mind that bridesmaid hairstyles for weddings do not have to be all exactly the same. If uniformity is very important to you, consider finding another way to tie in the hairstyles, such as having all of them wear the same flower or barrette in their hair. That is a great option that allows each woman to choose her own hairstyle while still tying all of the bridesmaid's looks together.

Some brides prefer that all of the bridesmaids with long hair wear their hair in an updo. While it is your wedding and, of course, the bridesmaids should try to accommodate your wishes, keep in mind that some women are very sensitive about their hair. If a bridesmaid seems particularly opposed to a certain style, it might be because she is self-conscious about it. Unless it is extremely important to you, this is a good time to practice the art of choosing your battles wisely. Bridesmaid hairstyles for weddings need not be as elaborate as the brides but, especially for a formal wedding, every effort should be made to achieve a polished look.

Some brides choose to have a stylist work on her hair as well as that of her bridesmaids. If you choose to do this, there should be practice runs with all of the bridesmaids prior to the wedding. If you are going to have each bridesmaid do their own hair, and you are not dictating the style, you should get together with all of your bridesmaids before the wedding and have a hair party. This will allow you to see what each of them have in mind and will also allow an opportunity for brainstorming and trying out accessories, such as headbands or barrettes.

Remember that bridesmaid hairstyles for weddings are not the main event. While the looks should be coordinated, they do not have to be identical. There are no hard fast rules, such as updos must be worn at a formal wedding. Instead, the looks can be based on the preferences of both the bride and the bridesmaids.With a practice session or two and some coordinating accessories, your bridesmaids will look polished and a uniform look achieved, even if all of bridesmaids happen to sport different hair lengths.

Monday, 6 June 2016

A Golden Wedding Cake For a Special Anniversary

A wedding is the universal symbol of love and happiness and the occasion when a couple vows to spend the rest of their lives together as a family. This is celebrated each year with a wedding anniversary. The fiftieth wedding anniversary is a special time in a married couple's life and is celebrated with a golden wedding anniversary cake. For some other amazing wedding traditions, please check out www.silvertree-bridal.co.uk or www.chicago-weddingvideo.com - 2 or my favortie wedding websites.

The center of the fiftieth wedding anniversary wedding celebration is the golden wedding cake. This cake symbolizes a couple's life together and is shared with family and friends. The cake for this celebration should take into account the couple for whom the celebration is being thrown for and the life they have lived together.

Many couples like the golden wedding cake to resemble the cake they had on their wedding day. This can be done by taking photographs from the original wedding day along with stories from the couple to the bakery and having them recreate the cake. Make sure the photograph is detailed enough so that the bakery can incorporate all of the details of the original cake. Some couples take advantage of the new baking technology when designing their golden wedding cake.

Today, wedding cakes are covered with white chocolate and fondant to create seamless classic designs. The fondant can be tinted to any color and can even be covered with gold dust and paint for the occasion. The use of fondant will allow the cake to be in any shape and pattern and when combined with the modern techniques of sugar flowers and figures to adorn the cake, it can create unlimited possibilities for a very special centerpiece to the celebration.

For a more classic cake design, the cake can be covered in butter cream which can give a golden tint to the cake. Keeping the cake in a uniform color with simple drapes of icing and golden sugar or icing flowers can give the cake an elegant appearance. Golden wedding cakes do not have to be over the top to be very special. A simple cake with simple topper which symbolizes something special in the couple's life can be all that is needed. However, if a couple wants an over-the-top cake that is certainly an option. Modern tools of the trade can be used to create a truly special golden wedding cake.

Edible inks can be used and photographs of the couple's life together can be printed right on the cake. Every guest at the party can take a journey with the couple through their history together. A special added touch to any anniversary wedding cake is the original wedding cake topper used for their wedding cake. This will add a very special touch to the golden wedding cake.

The original topper will symbolize the love shared in the beginning of their married life while the decorations used on the cake will symbolize their fifty years of commitment to each other. A golden wedding cake will be an important part of a celebration of a lifetime of love shared between a couple and the gathering of friends to share in that celebration.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Indian Wedding Cake

indian wedding cake, wedding cake, wedding adviceIndian wedding cake designs are quite similar to western cake designs, but some traditional elements are often included.

One important consideration when making an Indian wedding cake, however, is that many Indian people are vegetarians. Some will eat animal products, such as eggs and milk. They would be considered lacto-ovo vegetarians.

A cake for this type of diet would be easy to create as eggs could still be used in recipe. However, some prefer a vegan diet. This means that no animal products could be used in the making of the cake. When choosing a baker to create an Indian wedding cake, be sure to discuss with him how he plans to handle the special dietary requirements of the bride and groom. This is especially important when ordering a vegan cake.

Happily, as more and more people are embracing a vegan diet, there are plenty of bakers who specialize in making such cakes, so it should be much easier to find an appropriate baker than it would have been several years ago. Red and gold are prominent colors in Indian weddings and many couples will want to include these colors on an Indian wedding cake. The designs are bold and beautiful. Typically, and Indian wedding cake will feature a pyramid like shape, but not all couples go for this traditional looking Indian wedding cake.

Some couples want to blend tradition with a more modern wedding cake. Those couple can consider a henna cake. A henna cake is an Indian wedding cake that allows the couple to choose virtually any basic cake design and colors that they like. Then traditional henna drawing is added to the cake after it has been covered in fondant to provide a smooth surface.

Because of the intricacy involved in henna drawings, it is important to find a baker who has experience in this area. If you cannot find one with experience, provide the baker with some samples and ask him to copy a small portion of the design. This will ensure that the baker has the necessary artistic skill to be able to complete this type of Indian wedding cake with integrity and beauty.

Other couples choose a wedding cake that may not be Indian in design and then use an Indian cake topper to be sure that their culture is represented. This is a good compromise when only one of people getting married is Indian. Indian wedding cake toppers range from whimsical and fun to elegant and beautiful. To find the best selection of these cake toppers, it is probably best to shop online. While some retailers may carry a small selection of Indian wedding cake toppers, if you shop online, you will have a much larger selection from which to choose. Choosing the right Indian wedding cake can add to the overall ambience of the reception.

Whether a traditional Indian design, a more modern henna cake or even a western design with an Indian cake topper, the cake is just one more way to pay homage to the Indian culture at your wedding.