Friday, 29 July 2016

Wilton Cake Toppers

wilton,toppers,wedding,guidance, cake toppersWhen it comes to choosing a cake topper, couples today have many more choices than the traditional stiff, plastic bride and groom. There are funny options, such as the bride holding a gun to the groom's head, themes based on sports team or hobbies and quirky choices, such as cake toppers featuring animals. Many of the cake toppers today look much more realistic than they did years ago.

Some couples opt to have their initials featured on the top of their cake. Others choose a castle or another figure that represents the theme of their wedding. Wilton cake toppers offer a wide selection from which the couple can choose. A good thing about perusing through all of the options offered by Wilton is that it often will give couples an idea about the type of cake topper that they want. It tends to be a detail to which not a lot of thought is given until the last minute. By looking through all of the Wilton cake toppers, the bride and groom is able to see a variety of styles and then make the choice that is best for them.

Among the most popular Wilton cake toppers are some of their humorous offerings. These include a runaway bride with the groom preventing her exit by stepping on her gown. There are also runaway groom cake toppers in which the bride is grabbing the groom by the shoulders to keep him in place. A groom wearing a ball and chain while the bride dangles the key is another funny option. Wilton cake toppers also include a selection of figurines such as a castle, a groom helping his bride out of a horse drawn carriage, doves, rings and several others.

Some of the Wilton cake toppers are very elegant. For example, the First Kiss wedding topper is a sculpture created from bonded marble. Of course the Wilton cake toppers collection includes a number of more typical brides and grooms. The bride and groom can be purchased separately, which makes it easier for couples of different races to have a cake topper that reflects their diversity. The prices for Wilton cake toppers are refreshingly low. While planning your wedding, it probably feels like everything costs way more than necessary. But Wilton cake toppers start at just $6. Even the higher end cake toppers come in at under $50. That means that, if you choose a Wilton cake topper, you will be able to make your selection based on the topper that you like the best, rather than having to make the decision based on the price.

As are many details of your wedding, the cake topper that you select is a reflection of your personal style and taste. Whether you choose something traditional, quirky or elegant, your cake topper is a great way to let your personality shine through. Wilton cake toppers can be purchased online by visiting, and they are also sold in many retail outlets throughout the country.

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